• Darius Dziebakowski

    BI Developer experienced developing in SQL, Tableau, Access VBA applications, Macro, Excel, PowerPivot, array formulas, vbs Script, R-Studio, and lifelong learner looking for a placement with progressive organization in Fort Lauderdale area.

  • Dear Hiring Manager:


    I believe that my attitude and experience will make me value partner in your company.

    The key strengths that I possess that I believe you may find fitting your role are:

    • Experience in manual compensation calculations
    • Experience with data mining and logical trend recognition.
    • Data mapping and data conversion experience.
    • Advanced SQL, Access VBA, Excel skills, R-Studio.
    • HR Retirement Benefits experience.
    • Comfortable with interfacing with client.
      Comfortable presenting sales results to the management 
    • Strong analytical skills.
    • Strive for continued excellence.
    • Strong communication skills.
    • Spoken and written Spanish and Polish
    • Eager to learn new skills.
    • Go-getter attitude.


    I am a type of person who looks for solutions before asking for help, communicates easily, documents progress of work, and is eager to learn.

    I am eager to contribute my 10+ years of my experience to benefit your company.

    I hope that you will find my experience satisfying. I am confident that I could provide value to your company as a member of your team.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you.



    Darius Dziebakowski


    PGA of America

    Looker Developer

    January 2019 - October 2019

    Conducted 20+ end user coaching sessions demonstrating best use practices and advanced features of Looker

    Converted 50+ SSRS reports to Looker
    Developed Data Warehouse with semantic layer in Snowflake
    Designed reporting solution based on Mailchimp marketing, DW in Snowflake and BI Looker
    Developed data ingestion using from AWS S3 to Snowflake using Stages and Snowpipe

    Replicated Looker dashboards using AWS Aurora as a base

    Performed evaluation of ETL tools and provided recommendations to the external client

    Adhering to version control guidelines used by GitHub to provide relevant controls of the development
    Managed projects utilising tools like Asana and Jira and assigning tasks to relevant resources
    Identified project stakeholders and developed for them LookML repositories with DataBlocks
    Developed Looker dashboards with scheduled and targeted delivery to augment toolset of sales team
    Performed in rapidly changing environment with frequently changing requirements
    Facilitated request for new features and modified Data Warehouse and Looker projects


    Johnson Controls

    BI Developer

    April 2018 - December 2018

    Lead technical resource for director of sales responsible for 10,000 sales professionals

    Coaching and mentoring sales personnel in best practices and process improvements
    Soliciting input and converting Access and Excel based reporting to SQL and Power BI

    Improving efficiency and increasing trust in the platform by developing SalesForce Einstein dashboards

    Acting as subject matter expert and team coach in best practices of use of SalesForce and Power BI dashboards

    Streamlining data extraction, transformation and load using VBA and SQL
    Establishing process control methodology and gathering feedback to ensure client satisfaction

    Interacting with stakeholders to provide them with process and efficiency improvements

    Leading sales personnel in fact finding exercises and pilot studies to identify and measure rate of improvement
    Measuring customer interaction patterns and creating BI insights based on them

    Developing automated methodology of reporting in Power BI using SharePoint and SQL server

    Resurrecting Access based applications by troubleshooting VBA code

    Automating Excel based reports by converting to SharePoint and Power BI
    Designing data archiving methodology to build sales history
    Designing and maintaining how-do documents to preserve cumulative knowledge of the team

    Responsible for intake of sales data, cleansing and aggregating it and loading to SQL
    Working extended hour and weekends to deliver results in timely manner

    Centerfield Media

    Business Operations Analyst

    September 2017 - April 2018

    Participated in migration of SSRS reports to Tableau

    Identified discrepancies between SSRS and Tableau reports and discovered root causes

    Developed error reports for Tableau development team with fix recommendations

    Developed business metrics and communicated them to Tableau development team

    Solicited user feedback from sales teams to identify most effective report features

    Participated in Tableau development meeting to represent end user needs

    Identified areas for reporting speed and interaction improvement, enhancements in user experience

    Analysed division wide operations, including performance, productivity and errors

    Analysed reports to identify operational issues in company wide data

    Conducted ad hoc analysis of various processes and data

    Delivered weekly project updates to the management team

    Trained sales team on best Tableau use practices

    Collaborated with various teams on report consolidation and improvement

    Safeguarded Sprint customer’s sensitive data by suggesting field masking

    Improved Tableau online reports by modifying formulas and functions

    Interpreted results using variety of techniques, ranging from data aggregation to statistical analysis
    Designed, developed, implemented and maintained business solutions and recommendations to improve performance

    Managed operational process improvement projects

    Maintained and published standard reports for executive operations


    Business Intelligence Marketing Analyst

    June 2017 - September 2017

    Developed reports in Tableau and Excel from BI Cube, SalesForce backend and SalesForce.com

    Enhanced Excel reports with VBA, array formulas and macros to speedup report refresh for sales personnel, and to save time and enhance accuracy

    Queried raw data sources by writing SQL with joins, unions, having, cases, subqueries, cast, coalesce, and correctly identifying data dependencies and structure

    Created 20+ dashboards in frontend SalesForce.com to help sales managers more expeditely and efficiently perform daily sales reviews
    Conducted training of sales personnel in best practices of using SalesForce.com reports to increase their speed of sales analysis and confidence in the tool
    Created relational databases within Excel using PowerPivot to enhance existing reports and provide increased visibility to data patterns using familiar platform
    Researched solutions to business problems by contacting SMEs and gathering information from multiple sources to provide targeted insights in timely manner

    Interfaced with IT to point out software deficiencies and coordinate software enhancements
    Coached sales managers in best practices of use of BI lead management cube to make them more technology savvy and to leverage this technology to make them more effective at their work

    Researched business problems and assisted in creation of new reporting tools to bring emphasis to areas of new sales opportunities

    USG & E

    Sales Lead Analyst 

    Apr 2016 – Apr 2017

    Developed report automation methodology using R-Studio, Access VBA, and SQL Server

    Streamlined data ETL, cleansing and aggregation using R-Studio and Access VBA leading to 15 hr/ week savings in analyst time

    Identified need for, developed and presented director of sales BI report generated in R Studio which identified outliers, seasonality, and change points in sales lead data facilitating increased sales

    Converted numerous complex (2,000 lines) SQL queries into automated reports using Access VBA and stored procedures to reduce processing time, and remove possibility for human error
    Developed automated marketing email generation process using SQL and R-Studio to shorten time to launch email campaign
    Prepared analysis of effectiveness of email campaigns and introduced enhancements leading to 200% improvement in marketing email intake

    Aggregated email performance data from iContact and created repository of email reports to facilitate future email performance tracking
    Used SQL to create queries using joined tables, create stored procedures, perform arithmetic functions, convert datatypes, order by, distinct, like, wildcards, self joins, unions, having

    Developed version control model and applied it in lead cleansing process to ensure that only valid leads were distributed to vendors
    Designed and implemented knowledge base / tutorial repository to allow future employees easy access to process descriptions
    Identified patterns, outliers, and abnormalities in sales data to point out areas where fraud could have been committed by sales representatives

    Responsible for daily and ad-hoc data aggregation and report generation for sales and marketing teams
    Interfaced state agencies and private utilities to perform data gathering and to dissipate reports

    Reported daily financial metrics to CEO and CFO
    Performed data discovery to search to incorrect or missing data


    Compensation Analyst

    August 2013 - April 2016

    Maintained, updated, redesigned VBA modules in Access databases (1,000+ )

    Implemented migration of Access tables to DB2 (7.5 M rows)

    Designed and maintained high visibility report using VBS script and displayed every 30 min on TV screens across whole company (over 10,000 refreshed exposures)

    Designed geospatial data charting methodology using Google Maps and Google Fusion Tables (100,000+ data points)
    Utilized Census Bureau Tiger Database data in conjunction with Google Fusion Tables to point out underdeveloped sales areas (30 highly promising new sales areas)

    Converted SQL queries into automated and scheduled tasks using VBA (200+ databases ranging from simple maintenance to over 6,000 lines of VBA code functions)
    Designed/implemented Access VBA to html emailing module (500,000+ emails generated. Module included email tracking, automated email analytics report, and built in tutorial)
    Designed automated VBA network storage utilization analysis tool (3 TB of network drive scanned and reported on automatically every month with PDF report emailed involved parties)

    Served as go to person in areas of technical expertise and during challenging projects
    Developed version control methodology to track database releases and updates and to be able quickly revert to functioning version in case or errors
    Implemented Cognos reports in Query Studio to provide enhancements to existing reports
    Interfaced with other departments to identify methods of streamlining bonus tracking process
    Utilized BI methodology to identify possible fraudulent bonus request generating very substantial savings
    Performed data mining to predict sales performance and sales trends
    Routinely performed data validation to identify duplicate entries and data gaps


    United Healthcare

    Project/Data Analyst

    November 2011 - August 2013

    Maintained forecasting model of financial and operational results
    Developed report repository to facilitate expedited reporting
    Solicited communication across teams to identify problems areas in business process

    Worked with SMEs to gather technical support requirements for user acceptance testing
    Maintained SharePoint site to provide PowerPoint and Excel files for team collaboration
    Adhered to version control to deliver only most up to date documents

    Translated financial metric terminology into plain language process tutorial

    Maintained hiring forecast to facilitate Human Resources talent acquisition

    Developed SSRS reports to streamline financial analysis
    Performed data gathering to enhance financial forecasting


    Logistics Analyst 

    October 2010 - November 2011

    Developed applications in MS Access utilizing GPS data points, time stamps and text inputs

    Participated in geospatial analysis of vehicular movement to capture data discrepancy

    Developed material inventory lookup tools in MS Access to allow warehouse supervisors accurately plan work for warehouse teams
    Developed packaging material tracking database with predictive usage model to facilitate timely packaging material ordering

    Maintained and standardized project flowchart to allow engineers easy tracking pro project milestones

    Identified areas for improvement in resource management and suggested and developed forecast model to streamline purchasing


    Data Analyst 

    September 2000 - October 2010

    Maintained sales incentive program for a team of 3,000 sales personnel

    Augmented MS Access reports to utilize VBA, pass-through, update queries, and subqueries to streamline reporting and provide insights to sales development

    Created MS Excel reports to utilize array formulas, macros, pivot tables, password protection to facilitate bonus request submissions and allow data inflow from the field

    Participated in web development project consisting of flash animations, tags, script updates

    Took part of long term projects aimed at expanding promotions and bonus submission and tracking

    Implemented data modeling schemes and designed time saving applications

  • Education 


    In Progress - GPA 3.56

    DeVry University


    BSIT 2004-2009 GPA - 3.59

    Phoenix University

  • I continue taking focused classes to extend my technical erudition

    mostly from udemy.com

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